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IRLCrontium is an IT service provider, based in Ireland, Europe. We are small in numbers yet we are powerful in a range of delivered services and competence.
Crontium provides engineering solutions, primarily in an area of machine vision and image processing. As well as that, we develop and deliver to our customers engineering solutions in a broad range of IT areas, including embedded systems, system control and automation, machine vision, access control, CCTV, data acquisition, wireless solutions.
expertise includes software algorithms and their implementation, hardware solutions and system integration with third-party vendors.

Geographically located between main-land Europe and America, culturally located between Western and Eastern Europe and professionally located in both hardware and software areas, we deliver a unique mix of expertise, service comprehensiveness and broad competency to our customers from a different geographically and technologically located markets.

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Monday to Friday 10:00 - 20:00 GMT (UTC)
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Limerick · Ireland
Registration #: B484165


Crontium provides a range of services to its customers; consulting, developing and implementing  engineering solutions in a broad range of areas:  embedded systems, software and hardware development, desktop applications, image processing, sensors interfacing and more.


Crontium offers devices and software packages  for image acquisition, machine vision, CCTV, industrial and home automation.
The featured mainstream product is our USB3 frame grabbers, which offer impressive performance for very affordable price.
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