System Solutions

Dual-channel USB Link

is the only grabber that has a full dual-channel USB link to the host. This allows it to interface the fastest available Camera LINK cameras and fully comply with all Camera LINK configuration up to a Camera Link FULL at 85 MHz
Although other USB grabbers claim their workability in high-end Camera link configurations, even medium configuration is not allowed to use 85- MHz cameras with those devices, forcing down clocking them to acceptable ranges. Contrary, SlimLINK™ provides a true 85 MHz support in all CameraLINk configurations, including FULL one, achieving astonishing combined USB bandwidth in excess of 700 MB/s.

Just to explain the novelty of the solution with SlimLINK™ grabber let's have a look at the required and achievable data rates with different standards and configurations. Considering the nature of USB protocol, the practical achievable sustained data rate over the single USB 3.0 channel is in the range of 350 MB/S.
The following table summarizes how it compares to the high-speed Camera Link interface.

Camera Link configuration Required data rate @ 85 MHz Camera clock with typical USB 3 grabber Camera clock with SlimLINK grabber
Base 255 MB/S  85 MHz 85 MHz
Medium 510 MB/S 60 MHz 85 MHz
Full 680 MB/S 45 MHz 85 MHz

As one can see, even with Medium Camera Link configuration,  a typical USB 3.0 grabber compels to drop a maximum  achievable camera clock significantly to fit into practically available USB bandwidth.
However, with Crontium novel dual-channel SlimLINK™ grabbers there is no speed limitation in any of Camera Link configurations.

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Crontium stocks only very limited number of the devices. Usually only evaluation samples are available out of shelf.

Please contact Crontium for further information on quotes and lead time for a higher volumes.

Usual lead time is about 4 to 8  weeks, depending on order quantity and level of required  customizations.


In order to use parts or whole of corresponding grabber's IP in your own products, please contact Crontium to obtain one of our manufacturing licenses.