System Solutions

Signal-Path Delay Equalizer

SimLINK™ supports unequal Camera Link cables in all configurations.
Usually, the signal skew on two different CamLink cables, allowed by a Camera Link grabber manufacturers, lies in the rage of nanoseconds, sometimes even down to hundreds of picoseconds. It implies a necessity in high quality, high cost and precisely equal in length Camera Link cables.

Contrary, the built-in smart signal equalizer allows SimLINK™ to use two Camera Link cables  of an arbitrary difference in their lengths for Medium and Full configurations. The grabber together with its supporting software easily pass synchronization tests even if one of the cables is 0.5 meters long and another one is 10 meters, - still delivering stable and synchronized image.

This feature not only allows using cheaper and already available cables, yet also makes grabber's installation very easy even in the environments with a difficult layout and complex access to the equipment.

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Crontium stocks only very limited number of the devices. Usually only evaluation samples are available out of shelf.

Please contact Crontium for further information on quotes and lead time for a higher volumes.

Usual lead time is about 4 to 8  weeks, depending on order quantity and level of required  customizations.


In order to use parts or whole of corresponding grabber's IP in your own products, please contact Crontium to obtain one of our manufacturing licenses.