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Crontium High-Speed USB 3.0 ImagingCUG2048-CLS


USB 3.0 benefits with Camera Link

Comparing to a standard PCI/PCIe internal frame grabber, the external USB 3.0 grabber allows the use of much smaller form-factors for computing devices. Therefore, the customer is not limited to use of a standard PC, yet also may employ laptops, single-board computers or any other small-factor solutions. This greatly reduces an overall system cost, as well as it's integration and installation time.
It is worth to mention that all Crontium grabbers are USB-powered, thus eliminating a need for external power supply.

Crontium grabbers support all three CAMLINK configurations: base, medium, and full. 
In order to achieve the required camera data rate in Camera Link "full" configuration, the host PC (or any other computational unit) should support a single dedicated USB 3.0 controller per grabber's channel. For instance, PEXUSB3S42V USB3.0 adapter card from StarTech can be used to support up to a full CAMLINK configuration. Alternative and much cheaper solution is to use two dedicated single-channel USB 3.0 adapters on separate cards. Single-board, NUC and other small form-factor computers may offer their own built-in solutions. Check with manufacturer's specification before selecting the host device.

Another important advantage of the external grabber is possibility of physical separation between computing and image capturing (frame grabber) devices, which delivers additional benefits to the end customer:

  • The length of expensive high-speed camera cables can be significantly reduced, thus reducing overall system cost. In some cases, the cabling can be completely eliminated.

  • The system scaling is much easier with logically and physically separated units. Multi-camera and multi-processing units smoothly form a robust distributed system that exactly meets the customer needs without costly manufacturing overhead, while the latter is often the case with typical tightly-coupled solutions. Crontium software supports easy synchronization of such distributed solutions, making system integration and scalability even easier.

Direct camera connection

Some customized Crontium Camera Link frame grabbers are designed to be connected directly into the camera, completely eliminating this way a need for bulky and expensive Camera Link cables. In case of higher than "base" Camera Link configuration, the Cronium flexible design allows to accommodate the available Camera Link cameras with an arbitrary inter-center distance between Camera Link connectors.
CamWithGrabAlso, some types of our custom grabbers support fast-switchable dual camera interface within the same grabber unit. The example of such a grabber, customized CGX-1F-LS, is shown in the picture, where you can see this grabber plugged directly in to a high-speed linescan camera from DALSA.

Multiple cameras synchronization.

In many application (web inspection, PCB inspection, security, medical...) it is required that many cameras work in parallel and asynchronously, imaging different parts of the inspected object yet delivering data simultaneously.
In this case it is very important to reconstruct the image on processing unit side in such a way that all the frames from all the cameras appear to the viewer and/or processing images in sync. In the other words, if our image contains a frame number N from camera 1, we must be sure that this image contains also very same frame N form all the rest of cameras in the system. If the latter is not the case, we would observe different undesired artifacts, like, let's say, if long horizontal strip passed under all the cameras, the parts of that strip will be shown in different frames, thus giving incorrect picture of what had happened, and presenting images of partial strip from different cameras at different times (frames).
Crontium grabbers and its image acquisition engine allow you to easily reconstruct image in such a way, that multiple cameras will be always synchronized on processing unit side. In other words, it ensures that the combined of several cameras image always contains frames, acquired by the same frame trigger.

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Crontium stocks only very limited number of the devices. Usually only evaluation samples are available out of shelf.

Please contact Crontium for further information on quotes and lead time for a higher volumes.

Usual lead time is about 4 to 8  weeks, depending on order quantity and level of required  customizations.


In order to use parts or whole of corresponding grabber's IP in your own products, please contact Crontium to obtain one of our manufacturing licenses.