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Crontium External USB3.0 Frame Grabber

High-speed USB 3.0 grabbers

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High-speed imaging solutions

Contium provides a range of affordable USB 3.0 frame grabbers. Primarily they support widely used high-speed Camera Link cameras. However, with a small customization, literally any camera can be interfaced with our grabbers. Please, contact us with your particular requirements.
Currently, we are offering following model line:

CGX-1F-CLB1 High-speed USB 3 grabber with CAMLINK base interface Available
CGX-1F-CLB2 High-speed USB 3 grabber with CAMLINK dual-base interface EOL
CGX-1F-CLM High-speed USB 3 grabber with CAMLINK medium interface EOL
CGX-1F-CLMB2 High-speed USB 3 grabber with CAMLINK medium/dual-base interface EOL
CGX-1F-LS High-speed USB 3 grabber with dual CAMLINK base + serialized 8 bit LVDS camera interfaces Available

External grabbers benefits.

Comparing to a standard PCI/PCIe internal frame grabber, the external grabber allows much smaller form factors for computing devices. Therefore, the customer is not limited to use of a standard PC, yet also may employ laptops, single-board computers or any other small solutions, including even mobile devices in some low-end applicaitons. This greatly reduces an overall system cost, as well as it's integration and installation time.
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Unique Crontium grabbers features

Crontium grabbers deliver a set of features that are either rarely met in the market or not available in other grabbers at all. This includes fractional encoder division factors, multiple camera synchronization and others.
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Price and availability

Quantity Recommended price Comments
100+ € 376 Exact price depends on the model and configuration

Typical lead time is 4 to 8 weeks, depending on volume. For quotes and production details please contact Crontium.

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Crontium stocks only very limited number of the devices. Usually only evaluation samples are available out of shelf.

Please contact Crontium for further information on quotes and lead time for a higher volumes.

Usual lead time is about 4 to 8  weeks, depending on order quantity and level of required  customizations.


In order to use parts or whole of corresponding grabber's IP in your own products, please contact Crontium to obtain one of our manufacturing licenses.