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CGX-2S-CL/B/M/F SlimLINK™ USB 3.0 Frame Grabbers


Compact external USB 3.0 high-speed frame grabbers for Camera Link linescan and area cameras. Although these devices are comparable in size to a typical smartphone, they still deliver power of full-featured high-speed image-acquisition units.

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CRTX-500 UHF license-free video sender (UK and Ireland only)


This is a small, power efficient, lightweight yet powerful video senders that can be used in variety of applications: long-range CCTV, UAV, remote monitoring.

  •  500 mW (27 dBm) guaranteed RF output

  • Output power controlled via SPI interface

  • TX power stabilization

  • 1394 MHz, compliant with MPT1349 and EN 300 440. Custom frequencies in a range of 1.2-1.4 GHz are available.

  • Output frequency PLL stabilized

  • Built in video preemphasis circuit.

  • Single 5V @ 500 mA power

  • Dimensions: 60x50x18 mm

  • Weight: 36 g

These modules can be customized accordingly to end customer requirements for different frequencies and output power.

Note: Use of this module outside of UK and Ireland requires a license. Check your country regulations.


Crontium stocks only very limited number of the devices. Usually only evaluation samples are available out of shelf.

Please contact Crontium for further information on quotes and lead time for a higher volumes.

Usual lead time is about 4 to 8  weeks, depending on order quantity and level of required  customizations.


In order to use parts or whole of corresponding grabber's IP in your own products, please contact Crontium to obtain one of our manufacturing licenses.