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Sibyl® Market Analyzer
Sibyl"The Delphic Sibyl was a legendary figure who made prophecies in the sacred precinct of Apollo at Delphi, on the slopes of Mount Parnassus...", from Wikipedia.

The Michelangelo's  painting is, probably, the most known visualization of this ancient character. And Crontium offers now  a new resemblance of her: the market price prediction tool, called after this legendary figure, capable of seeing the future.
Sibyl® Market Analyzer is a comprehensive stock market analysis and prediction tool. It is not yet another charting or stock managing software but looks after the most important part of trading business: the price forecasting and the assistance in decision making.
Sibyl® Market Analyzer is the best when it works in conjunction with other trading instruments, such as portfolio managers and automated trading stations. However, its reach set of features makes it possible using it as a standalone tool by the individual traders, in many typical situations.

Thanks to its clear and intuitive graphical user interface, a minimal number of settings, Sibyl® M.A. suites the traders of any level, including even very beginners. Download Sibyl Market Analyzer for free, install it, and start getting your quotes and forecasts right out of the box.

Sibyl® Market Analyzer features
12-day price forecast
Buy/Sell signals generation
Neural networks and heuristic algorithms.
Online and offline market data sources
EOD and intraday data
Local database with up to 5 years of historical data
12 international markets
Watchlists and charts
News feed
64-bit support for fast handling of huge amount of data
Runs on variety of Windows flavors, starting from XP and up to Windows 10
30 days free trial of fully functional software.
No subscriptions, no monthly fees. One-time payment, perpetual license.

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SlimLINK™ USB 3.0 Frame Grabber

Slim, lightweight, high-speed dual-channel USB 3.0 frame grabber, supporting both Camera Link® and analogue cameras.
SlimLINK™ is the only USB grabber in the market to deliver an impressive sustained data rate in excess of 700 MB/sec. This makes it fully  compliant with all Camera Link configurations, including Full at 85 MHz clock.



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